To run the house on Raju’s salary required a lot of smartness and common sense then, even a fool can do it on our current income.

Oriflame has truly changed our life and lifestyle. We were shy, introvert and knew nothing about network marketing, but we were dreamers. To remain focused on our dream we set goals for us and started sharing with our daughter because we strongly believe that “when your child shares your dreams, you will go through brick walls to achieve them.”

Like all business, we also had our ups and down, but we manage to overcome that because we were teachable and ready to make personal changes when we took ownership for our own life, success and failure we started to change. We have done lots of changing as our network has grown.

Today we are Sr. Diamonds and enjoy some of the finest materialistic blessings like a big house, big cars and 2 international travels every year at exotic locations for free. All this without having to compromise on family time & happiness. Our only daughter Noopur has grown up in a happy, positive environment where she has learned work ethics from her parents.

Does it sound like dream like? Of course, it is. This business has made us very happy, very free and bit wealthy too. This business has given us a lifestyle enjoyed by very few and are welcomed as family in almost every corner of India but one thing which gives us utmost pleasure is creating “Opportunities” for others.

We feel blessed that we manage to spread this wonderful opportunity to thousands of people in our group and we will continue to do so for many years to come.


My journey started from normal housewife. One fine day Oriflame came to my life and transformed me from a housewife to a business woman. I achieved success because I believe in the company, SARPIO System and hard work. During this journey I had full support from my husband Pushpendra Singh. I am now not only fulfilling my dreams but also the dreams of others.

Special thanks to Indore Team who always inspired us and fuelled our desire of fulfilling dreams with motivation and right direction. I would also like to thank Almighty God, my family, my up-line, Sangeeta Aggarwal and my downline and my team since they are always there for us during this journey.

Oriflame is at the forefront of the home-based business revolution, a revolution of ordinary people probably just like you who are leaving offices, factories, warehouses, shops and other commercial enterprises bt the millions to establish and conduct business from their homes.



Oriflame is an opportunity for everyone to transform their best dreams into practical realities. The entire Oriflame system has a catalytic mechanism to make you affluent and highly buoyant.

Our lives have also been transformed by Oriflame. We didn’t just earned opulence and affluence but also been able to develop a lot of composure, aplomb and vision to build a ‘better us’ every moment with Oriflame. With Oriflame, we have build eminence in the society and also been highly lucky to have visited 12 frabjous countries of the sphere.

I, Vanadana Shrivastava, once a simply accustomed house-wife, now living a bodacious just because of Oriflame. My hands, which many years back were just for taking care of the family and cooking food in the kitchen like another house-wife next door are now fluently habitual of using a high-end laptop, rolling out my own show of a splendid Oriflame Women Entrepreneurship in my own swanky & ornate office, very digitally on internet space using tools like Webinars, Skype, etc. This is very unbelievable, at least to me. This all turned into a measurable materialistic reality just because of Oriflame. This is just a few things from the many that we’ve got from Oriflame, like a stellar mission, fantastic luxury car, etc. Going ahead, my daughter is also working as a successful Director with Oriflame.

भिण्डी काटने वाले हाथ आज मैकबुक चलाते हे
थैंक्स ओरिफलम


Success is not a destination, it is a Journey. Our journey started with Oriflame in the year 2007. We had a good life but something was missing by both of us that exploring the exotic world, exciting gifts, and complete lifestyle. We had a dream of being recognized in our community, our city and in our country. Oriflame fulfilled all our dreams and made our family proud of us. We wanted to apply a system to our network for stability in business so we launched our club DREAMZ. And then we have been recognized with our team in different categories.

We firmly believe some keywords in our life and applied these in our club.

We are dedicating this success to the blessings of our family, Dreamz Club pillars our leaders, our upline and uncountable support of Oriflame Team.

“You are born without anything but you die with your name so that ‘NAME’ should not be just a word, it must be a HISTORY.”



I had joined Oriflame with a vision to attain my own identity, look great, make money and have fun, which is what we do in Oriflame, and by the grace of God I have it all. Oriflame has not only given me financial independence but also taught me time management. Being a mother of two boys, I managed to work from home and do business from a small town – Nainital, where the population is only 60,000 and also completed my studies simultaneously. It’s a unique business which gives you the flexibility of time without any boss and that is how I managed everything – my home, my family and my education. I have fulfilled many dreams and there are many more in line which I am very sure can be easily fulfilled. With the right planning and determination, dreams can be fulfilled in Oriflame. It is entirely up to us to decide how much to earn and how far we want to go. I would like to thank my up-line and the people in the company who have always supported me to reach higher titles and this is just the beginning. I am here to be a star and achieve many more dreams through Oriflame!!


I started my Oriflame journey as a self-user, but didn’t take long before it paved the the way for the realization of my dreams. It gave me the platform to pursue my passion. My up-line directors, Sangeeta Aggarwal and Vinita and Pushpendra Singh, guided me throughout this journey, and taught me the Oriflame mantras. As a result, I have become financially self-dependent and traveled the world, while at the same time, maintaining the flexibility to work from anywhere and as per my own schedule.

If our values resonate with you, come to be a member of our country-wide network of passionate leaders, by signing up here.