Hi there! Greetings. I am Sangeeta Aggarwal and I started out on the journey of a lifetime 23 years ago, when I was a housewife and a mother. This website is an attempt to share that remarkable journey with you and hopefully spread the happiness I have been fortunate to enjoy with all of you out there.

Equipped with not much other than a burgeoning desire to contribute financially to the household kitty, my beginnings were humble. Then came the opportunity that changed my life in the shape of Oriflame, a Swedish Cosmetics manufacturer, and distributor, with a unique business and societal value proposition. The Oriflame mantra has always been simple- meet new people, engage them with the opportunity, have lots of fun while doing all of that and as a direct result economically empower yourself and thousands of women around you!

A consistent and concerted application of these simple fundamentals has brought me unimaginable rewards over the years. Not only have I been able to fulfill my financial goals many times over, but also have been blessed with a way of life that is deeply gratifying. I have had the chance to traverse all four corners of the globe and revel in the opportunity to experience every major world culture, all while enjoying the world-class hospitality. Perhaps most importantly, I wake up each day feeling as if I am living a dream, feeling good about myself -driven by purpose, exuding an energy of both internal and external beauty.

I invite you to reach out and grab the life of your dreams too, and embark on this voyage of looking good, making money, traveling the globe and then spreading the same happiness with those around you!



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