Dear Consultant,

Here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we come across daily in order to keep ourselves abreast with the platform.

We keep on adding the questions so feel free to bookmark the page and visit frequently to stay updated.

How to do Registration

If you want to get self registered you need a url link from your sponsor.

How to register down line

1. Log in to
2. Enter your user Id/, password and log in go to network click on to Recruit and register new consultant

In registration column what to fill in locality

For example:
House no. 254, building no. 17 south city 1 Gurgaon -122002
South city -1 will go into Locality column

How to Place Order

1. Go to order column
2. Click on place your order
3. Put Product Code
in your offer column you can select product from outlet - web offers , scroll down and check all offers for current month continue
4. From Delivery Option choose pick up of one of our service points or Home delivery
5. Continue to do Payment through e- wallet , debit or credit card.
6. You can also check which cities offer Cash on Delivery
7. Click on Place order .

What is welcome program

This program is for New consultants for 3 months , in this they will get some pre decided products at Rs.100/- by completing 100 bonus points in 3 consecutive moths welcome program 1 stars from the joining date ends in 30 days irrespective of month changes in between welcome program 2 & 3 is always calendar month , each time 100 Rs product would be taken in the following month with minimum 1500/- Rs. order .

What is business class

Criteria and rewards may change some times,but in most of months after completion 150 bonus points in the following month consultant gets 2 products @ 40% discount on original consultant price

What is Super Business Class

Consultant will get 3 products @ 40% discount in the following month after completion of 200 bonus points

Criteria and benefits of L.C.

150 Personal bonus points
4000 Group bonus points
Above two criteria’s are always same

Activity % - No. of Cons.from sales force
Qualified Recruit % No. of new consultants who completes their WP1 within one month of joining
Above two % rate is decided by Oriflame - it varies from month to month

* LC rewards also vary below senior managership.
* For above Senior Managers and above, LC rewards are connected to Manager Seminar and Director Seminar.

Cash Benefts for LC

* Senior Manager - 4000
* Director - 5000
* Senior Director - 6000
* Gold Director - 7000
* Saphire Director - 10,000
* Diamond Director - 14,000
* Executive Director - 15,000