I am Sangeeta Aggarwal and I started out on the journey of spreading happiness in 1995, when I was a housewife and a mother. This website is an attempt to share that remarkable journey with you and hopefully spread the happiness I have been fortunate to enjoy with all of you out there.

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SriLanka 2020
Director Seminar
Spain 2020
Gold Seminar
Goa 2020
Manager Seminar
Los Angeles 2020
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Beauty by Sweden

With over 50 years of Skin Care expertise, as Oriflame hails from Sweden, they know how to combine the best of Nature with latest Science to deliver Performing Products.

Global Research and Development center with over 100 scientists along with 5 own manufacturing facilities, this has made us The Best in the Industry.

Now you can love your skin the way it loves you. Contact us to know how!

Earnings from Day 1

A little extra money on the side, or develop a full-time career: you decide how you want to you reach your goals with Oriflame. You can join and start making money today. You have complete control and freedom over the hours you work and the rewards you receive. In short – you are the boss! You decide how or when you’d like to work. Oriflame can help you live and work on your own terms.

You don’t need any previous experience – we’ll be there to help you along the way, and most of the training and support is completely free. Invest as much time as you like and you will get the opportunity to grow.

You may take the first step towards financial independence, by becoming an Oriflame consultant here.

Travel the World with us

Want to see the world? Become an Oriflame consultant and you’ll have the chance to travel to exotic destinations several times a year to take part in international conferences where we’ll recognise your success. Your level of success determines which conferences you’ll qualify for and even gives you the possibility to take family members with you free of charge. We believe in rewarding your work and success. That’s why we arrange exciting and inspiring events throughout the year to recognise our consultants’ achievements and celebrate your success.

Already travel to 42 countries and still counting.

Begin your journey to discover the world, by becoming an Oriflame consultant here.


If our values resonate with you, come to be a member of our country-wide network of passionate leaders, by signing up here.

If our values resonate with you, come to be a member of our country-wide network of passionate leaders, by signing up here.

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